About Site
Founded in 2004 (moved to the current URL in 2014), JamesBond007news.com, aka James Bond 007 News, is a non-profit website introducing the world of James Bond with its latest news. It is managed by a Japanese Bond fan for the Japanese. Not affiliated or associated with James Bond copyright holders such as DANJAQ (EON PRODUCTIONS) and MGM or studios like SONY PICTURES, UNIVERSAL PICTURES.

The website receives official information from Bond partner companies.

Photos with credit on this site are used with permission by copyright holders or their representatives. Photos without credit are all taken and copyrighted by JamesBond007news.com.

JamesBond007news.com is against the hacking activities on Sony Pictures Entertainment and has no intention to post or tweet leaked information coming out from the criminal attack on the company.

About Editor
The editor in chief of this site is a Japanese fan, M. His Bond activities include a set visit (direct permission by the generous producer, Mr. Michael G. Wilson); studio visits at Pinewood’s 007 Stage and Leavesden while filming; attending official events like a N.Y. convention, a London press screening and royal premieres; having a chat with Bonds, Bond girls, villains and key production members; and appearing briefly in a Bond film as a background.